Welcome to our Homestead, where faith and family are at the heart of everything we do.

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Labor of Love

I already stated it in the title but I think it deserves to be repeated: Everything we build and accomplish here is rooted deeply in a love for our creator, and our family.

We believe in honest and ethical farming practices, always. We do our best to maintain everything as naturally and holistically as we can. We are not considered an organic farm and we will never pretend to be one. I am OK with that. We are a very busy family and sometimes you just have to find what works best for you to balance it all out.

It is a widely accepted idea that technology can be both a curse and a blessing. While our family tries to embrace the future and the change that comes along with it, we also cherish traditions. I fear that the skills of the past will be lost unless we make it a point to unplug and reconnect with the land and ourselves. Some of these skills include growing our own vegetables, raising our own meat, maintaining a home, getting creative in the kitchen, and finding ways to be frugal and make the most of what we have. The blessing side of technology is that I can share all of our successes, lessons learned, and new adventures with you, no matter where you are!

Thanks to Covid-19 the entire world seems to have grappled with the lack of items and rising prices on what is left in their local stores and markets. It takes a pandemic to show us how much we take for granted. Due to this a lot of people are picking up skills we have lost along the way. Did someone say ‘victory garden’? Learning how to be self sufficient takes a lot of researching, networking, (in person & online -hello google), and then simply, trial and error. Our family has always had a desire to be self sufficient and a longing for a simpler/slower lifestyle. If you like to be challenged and enjoy learning new things- this way of living can be addicting. It takes a little imagination and ingenuity, with a lot of determination and elbow grease, but it’s all worth it at the end of the day.

I’m going to be sharing all about our homestead and our lifestyle. How we got started, where we are headed, and everything in between. It will also serve as a market for you to purchase our handcrafted items.

My sincere hope is that this blog can be a useful guide, a blessing, and an encouragement to anyone who reads it. Just hang on tight because there is never a dull moment around this joint.

With love,