Welcome to the NEW Dry Goods shop.

You can still Find all of the latest homesteading adventures on the blog page.

EXTRA EXTRA – READ ALL ABOUT IT! Massive changes are underway here at Pebble Creek Homestead!

What the heck is a Dry Goods anyways?

dry goods plural noun ˈdrī-ˌgu̇dz 

1grocery items (such as tobacco, sugar, flour, and coffee) that do not contain liquid

2: textiles, ready-to-wear clothing, and notions as distinguished especially from hardware and groceries

We are certainly aiming to fall under the second category of the definition above.

Pebble Creek Homestead’s products will now be available through our Dry Goods shop. We will soon be offering quilting and apparel fabric, sewing notions, and alterations to start. Be sure to join our mailing list so you wont miss the opportunity to come and shop with us IN-PERSON! We have goals to open a brick & mortar storefront Spring of 2024!