Herdshare Basics

Herdshare 101

It is illegal to sell raw milk in Ohio.

Why a Herdshare: This is a way for you to own a goat/cow and enjoy the milk they make, without having to live in the country and spend all the time caring for one!

You start by purchasing shares for a one time fee of $50 per share. We will enter into a contract agreement on how many shares you would like to purchase. Each share produces approximately one gallon of milk weekly. This amount could vary**

Each month you will pay a boarding fee based on your number of shares owned. This pays for us to take care of ‘your goat/cow’. This includes but is not limited to: feed, bedding, medications, veterinary care, general grooming, barn maintenance, daily milking, milking equipment, proper sanitization, and storage of the milk. 

Boarding fees are $40/month (about $10/week), due the 1st of each month.

You are welcome to visit the farm each week on a scheduled day and time to collect your share of milk. You can hang out to help us with chores, check in on the herd, or bond with the girls and know where your milk is coming from!

Use the contact link below to reach out to us if you have any questions or to get signed up today!

**Due to the nature of livestock, the milk amount is not always guaranteed. Pebble Creek Homestead will always put the health and safety of the herd first over milk production. Pebble Creek Homestead will always maintain majority ownership, including all rights over making decisions regarding the herd. Any kids/calves produced are owned solely by Pebble Creek Homestead. If you are no longer interested in your share, Pebble Creek Homestead will buy the share back from you. You cannot sell it or give it to anyone else.    

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