Meet the Crew

Ben & Lexi

Ben is the voice of reason, the muscle, and the driving force behind this whole operation. He’s the whole package. Ben’s a Finish carpenter by trade, and he is a small business owner. Here on the homestead he manages all of our projects big and small. (he keeps the animal numbers/species from getting too out of control) He has a huge heart for his family and and even bigger love for Jesus. He is a selfless hard working man. Everything he does is for his family. He supports our dreams and goals and helps to make them a reality. If there’s any free time to be found, he enjoys hunting, trapping, and fishing. He also enjoys bird watching, hiking, and camping… basically all things outside!

Lexi is The dreamer of the outfit. She is constantly brainstorming new ideas for the farm. She researches the best ways to keep the animals and her family happy and healthy. She is the founder of Pebble Creek Homestead, and the creator of all of the products available in the store. The goats are her favorite.


The oldest of our children, Carrie has always had a love for animals. She is an active 4H member and has shown our family dog Dolly for the last 5 years. She completed a sheep project the past 3 years and loved it! She is looking forward to some new lambs this year and ready to work hard as we learn a little more each year. She is head over heels for the bottle calves. She is just an all around awesome kid who is always willing to help with whatever needs done inside the house or out. You can usually find Carrie reading in her room when its cold, or reading in the swing when its warm. Carrie is a straight A honors student and enjoys playing her flute. Her goal is to get good grades and go to college some day. She is such a blessing to our family and we are proud of the young lady she is growing into.


Our second child, Matthew is an industrious, inventive, outdoorsman. He loves all things hands on and outside. He is a problem solver and always has ideas on how to make things work, and work efficiently. Matthew is our trapper and he brings home all sorts of critters in the winter season. You can usually find him in the shop making traps in the winter. When its warm, he’s out in the yard building forts and other contraptions out of Dads scraps. Matthew is a 4H member. He also completed a sheep project the past 2 years and is completely hooked. He is looking forward to new lambs this spring and working with them through the summer. We couldn’t have been blessed with a smarter, harder working young man.


Joshua is the baby of the family. He is our budding athlete who is all play! He loves video games of any kind and watching cartoons. He does have the biggest heart when it comes to all the animals on the farm. He loves to hold and cuddle each and every one of them. Rabbits are his favorite along with the goats. If he’s not doing his chores- he’s probably petting the animals or monkeying around the barn. This past year was Joshua’s first year for a 4H project and he showed a las. HE keeps asking about trying out basketball when the next season starts. He loves all heavy equipment and moving dirt/rocks but he will be the first one to tell you he doesn’t like to build things with wood. Joshua always keeps us on our toes and brings endless joy to our family.