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Reversible Bowl Topper

Product Details

Don't like to hide your stand mixer with a big bulky cover? You can cover the bowl with a specially designed fabric topper to keep the dust and grime out. No more wiping out the bowl before using it and the mixing attachments stay clean too.

The bowl topper has many other uses like: covering bread dough to let it rise, keep cookie dough fresh in between batches, cover up icing to keep it from drying out, keep pesky summer bugs out, storing food in the fridge, etc... the options are endless. This reusable, eco-friendly, topper can be used on most bowls and dishes.

100% Cotton- Machine wash and dry with care for shrinkage.

Fits up to approx. 10" diameter bowl. Toppers are pictured on a 5qt. bowl and a 6qt. bowl.

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